Photography is one of my interests. I shoot with a Canon 50D digital SLR camera and use one of two lenses: a Canon 100-400mm and a Canon 17-85mm. Its not a fancy professional setup, but does offer me flexibility, high resolution images which can be printed at large sizes, and the ability to practice different kinds of shots without wasting expensive film & developing.

It began in 1998 with airplane photography which fits right in with my interest in aviation & flying (see my aviation website) and today I have over 5,000 photos of all kinds of aircraft on two of the most popular aviation photography databases on the web, and I have been fortunate to be able to sell some of my photos for commercial use and even had one magazine cover shot (“Air Forces Monthly”, August 2008)!

Be sure to check out my aviation photography & planespotting website!

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Besides taking picture of planes I also enjoy taking pictures from planes! I began bringing a camera onboard flights with me in 1996 and have captured incredible detail from high altitudes. See the gallery of my favorite shots that I call “The Window Seat”. It gives you a whole different perspective on your world to see it from far above.

I also like to travel, though I don’t do as much as I’d like, and I enjoy taking pictures of new and interesting places that I visit. I’ve become a fan of city skyline shots. Its really a dramatic view when you can go to a park that offers a good view of the downtown area of a big city especially at sunset when all the buildings light up the sky. Having a digital camera makes it possible to experiment with such shots and capture some dramatic scenes and also to digitally “stitch” together wide panoramas of big cities. Check out the galleries below for some of my favorite selections of my photos. Click on the photo to see a larger version.