2007 Ford MustangWhen I wanted to replace my Camaro I looked at what was available and the choices were quite slim in 2-door coupes. I don’t have anything against GM – I would have bought another of their cars but I’m disappointed that they’ve abandoned the mid range coupe market segment. I’ve had my eye on the Ford Mustang ever since the new design came out in 2005. Its a popular car – I wish GM could have built one like this. They did not bring back the Camaro until 2009.

What I really like about the Mustang is the retro style. It is a very well executed design based on the style of the famous 1966-68 Mustangs. The power in this base model is a 4.0 litre V6 – its actually slightly bigger than the Camaro’s 3.8 and delivers more horsepower & torque – so no complaints there! Then there’s the wheels – the Pony package includes these silver painted 17 inch alloy wheels that I think are the best looking stock wheels on any car today. While the Camaro had a sporty exhaust sound from the factory-option dual outlet exhaust, the Mustang has just a stock single exhaust with a great “sport car” sound. I did actually look at some of the foreign cars like the Honda Accord but the overall experience of this Ford Mustang pretty much sealed the deal for me – the looks, the sound, the ride, and the features on it.

I’m proud to say I’m the owner of a 2007 Ford Mustang in “Redfire Metallic” – a deep sparkling red, a stunning color. I got the car with just 30 miles on it, and so far I have only minor complaints. The build quality was almost perfect except for a wider gap between the headliner and window molding on the left side than the right and a couple of squeaks. Here are some pictures of my car that I took when it was less than a month old. Click the pony link on the left to read more about the history of the Ford Mustang.

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