Bruce Leibowitz


Welcome to the new version of my website! For those who remember the old version, I have moved all of my planespotting and aviation pages to a brand new site. Check out the photography page for the link. This site is my way of introducing myself to the world and practicing some design skills as well - and its been online now for 10 years. Have a look around!

My Resume

Bringing the news of the day into your home is the job of teams of technical people who work behind the scenes at television stations. I am one of them – a Newscast Technical Director. Click on the Work link for details on my experience in television and video production.


I’ve been interested in cars since I was a kid and am pretty knowledgeable about the latest technology & trends as well as automotive history. I currently drive a Hyundai Tucson SUV and you can see more info on my previous cars including Mustangs and a Camaro here.


You can also read reviews I’ve written about other new cars that I’ve had a chance to test.


Taking pictures is another interest of mine. Although a lot of my experience is capturing aircraft and scenes from the sky I also indulge in other settings such as city skylines. See more about my photography here.

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