2015 Ford Mustang
  • Model:

    • 2 door coupe
  • Built:

    • 10/31/2014;  Flat Rock, MI
  • Original Price:

    • $27,205
  • Engine:

    • 3.7L V6 – 300hp
  • Transmission:

    • 6 speed automatic, rear wheel drive
  • Tires:

    • P235/50R18
  • Color:

    • Ruby Red Tinted Clearcoat Metallic/Black cloth
  • Factory Options:

    • 18″ Foundry Black painted wheels
    • Spare tire
    • Automatic transmission
    • Fog lights

Mustang History

Click to read about the history of the Ford Mustang

After reaching 100,000 miles in my 2007 Ford Mustang I began thinking of replacing it. In April 2014 Ford unveiled the design of the next Mustang and I liked it. Over the next few months I began following the news releases of the specifications and reviews, and finally in the fall I was able to actually see one when they started appearing at dealerships. I wanted a sport coupe again, but by this time most manufacturers had abandoned that class. At the time, the Ford Mustang’s competition was the Dodge Challenger, which I thought was too large and heavy, and the Chevy Camaro which was not a very appealing style like the Camaros of the early 2000s. I thought the new Mustang’s design was beautiful, a well executed combination of modern and retro style. It was a bit less retro than the previous one but still enough that you could tell it carried Mustang DNA as it entered its 50th year.

The base engine in the 2015 Ford Mustang was a 300hp 3.7L V6, which felt considerably faster than the 2007. The other choice (besides the GT 5.0) was a new 2.3L Ecoboost 4 cylinder turbo which makes just slightly more power. I didn’t want to pay more; the V6 was a very good and strong engine for this car. What I didn’t like was that the V6 model had very few options. Ford was definitely trying to move buyers into either the turbo or the V8. I was able to get an option package that included fog lights and the same wheels that are standard on the GT; it did come with a complete set of features including power accessories but there were no choices on the V6 model for interior color, upgraded stereo, or other safety features like blind-spot monitoring. Those were all reserved for the higher models. On the 2017 models, the option package including fog lights and upgraded wheels was removed and for 2018 the V6 model was discontinued. It was evident from the introduction of this new generation that this was the direction they’d go. As for the color, I chose “Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat”. Its a slightly different color than the previous Redfire but gorgeous. It is a 3-stage paint – base coat, tinted clearcoat, and clearcoat. This gave it a real pop when sunlight hit it. I was also considering “Deep Impact Blue” which was a good looking deep blue metallic.

I really liked the car’s style and power. I did have several issues that required repair under warranty and I learned from other owners of far worse problems than mine. I was not happy with the quality level of this car but I was planning to keep it for some time.

In late March 2017 we had a severe thunderstorm one night when I was at home, and the Mustang was parked at the end of a row with a tree next to it. Lightning struck the tree and caused one of the large branches to fall on the left rear quarter. There was significant damage to the sheet metal of the quarter panel & glass, the left tail light, and the trunk lid. The insurance company declared it a total loss based on the repair estimate. Because the damage extended up along the upper door surround past the point where it would need to be cut to replace the quarter panel, that part would need to be replaced as well. The door surround extends around the top of the door and down the windshield pillar and due to the way it was welded to the roof, the roof would need to be replaced as well. According to the insurance estimate it would have required nearly the entire side and that is a significant amount of sheet metal labor. After two Mustangs and not being satisfied with the quality of this one, I decided to move on from Ford and sport coupes for my next car.

Check out the original window sticker and photos below (click for a larger view).  I was truly disappointed that this Ford Mustang met an early end this way, with only 34,000 miles on it, but I’m glad I had the chance to experience it.

2015 Ford Mustang window sticker