Jett the Cat
Jett the CatPrior to being adopted in 2016

I never had a pet when I was growing up but have been a fan of cats for a long time and knew someday I’d be a “cat parent”.  I started browsing the local shelters in 2016. There’s an organization here called Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter that takes cats & dogs, and especially the puppies, kittens, and special needs animals from the shelter to foster.  They then work to adopt them out through their arrangements with the local pet stores. On one of my visits to the Shelter they suggested I look at one of their kittens that was living at a PetSmart.

When I went there, this 7 month old ginger male made a very convincing argument for me to take him home! He was vocal and trying to grab me through the bars while the other kittens were rather indifferent to my presence. It was easy to see that this one wanted me.  He was practically begging for me to take him as you can see in the photo.  I guess you could say he chose me!  I returned later and made him mine. My love of aviation was the inspiration for his name.

Jett the Cat was born around October 2015.  The foster volunteers with Jackson Friends did a fantastic job of raising him through the critical phase of kittenhood.  They raised him around loving humans and he was well socialized & prepared for a good life. I’ve also studied a lot more about cats than I already knew because I want to prepare for this step. I chose to only adopt one at this time because its all new to me. Cats are fascinating animals.

If it was clear that Jett was choosing me there in PetSmart, he has not disappointed. He loves me and is by my side all the time as you can see in some of the photos I’ve taken. I think he made an excellent choice! And of course “cat logic” is always amusing!  For example, he’s afraid of water coming out of a faucet but likes to lick up water from the bottom of the bathtub all while he has a bowl of fresh bottled water to drink! That’s cat logic for ya! :) As for food, I do feed him canned food daily because its better for them.  Cats need that liquid since they don’t drink much. He’s an indoor cat but I do hope to get him used to wearing a harness to be outside with me. I think there’s too many dangers outside around here for a small cat to be outside on his own.

Check out some pictures of Jett the cat!